The way she loved you

You knew it the moment you saw her that she’d be the story you’d tell your grandchildren,

A kaleidoscope of memories of her dancing, the times you’ve seen her counts to millions,

Sunny days and her laughter that you thought was a song you’d listen to forever,

The stories she’d tell you, that made you wonder how could she be so clever,

Yet so humble and innocent, her kisses, the ones you cherished,

That felt like a dew drop on your heart that was left blemished,

She held the door for you once and she saved you from drowning,

She kept your name in her prayers, she was like the star that shone dim in the evening,

She was your muse, a poem that didn’t need to make sense,

You didn’t even realise when she started living within you where she left her essence,

Her obsession with everything related to love, she made you fall in love with the moon,

She made you love the blue sky and she made you love the monsoon,

She made you believe that love is something you give not just to others,

It’s the love you give yourself that matters, she showed you that black is not the best of the colours,

You’ll remember her, one day when she’s nothing but a photo in your wallet,

You’ll reminisce all the memories good and bad, you’ll relive the day you both met,

One things for sure, she’s the girl who not only made you fall in love with her,

She was the girl who made you fall in love with yourself, when you thought your life nothing but a blur,

She was the girl who said that the sun is a star too,

She made you fall in love with the way she loved you.



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