But you’ll still see her smile

She was tired of seeing old faces with the same weary smiles,

The same dim rooms with clatter of noises,

Every morning brought her a new colour in the same old black hue,

Chandeliers and parties with people hiding their faces were a part of her life,

Car rides that led to nowhere,

Wolves that howled at night, chased her but never really found her,

She defeated her demons, her sword was dripping with blood,

She opened chambers with spells and maps that could take her anywhere,

A fairytale of darkness and creatures that you’d only see in your dreams,

She saw it all,

Your nightmares were her reality,

She broke glasses and she walked over fire that looked like petals of roses,

She herself was the definition of chaos,

A walking shadow, she was the person you’d see standing on the streets,

When it’s raining and you’ve lost your way,

You’d stop by her,

And she’d tell you the directions,

But she’s lost herself,

She’s like those characters you read in your novels,

The one who kept dairies but never wrote anything inside,

Because her words were scribbled on the walls of her bedroom,

She’s the kinda girl you’d fall in love with,

She won’t ever let you in completely,

She’d leave you in mystery,

She’d laugh when you ask her about the secrets she keeps,

She’d love you with all her heart,

She’d hold your hand and take you places that’d make you think,

She’d make you question yourself for choosing her,

She’d write you letters with red ink spilled with words you never knew could convey meanings like she made them do,

She’s a book you’d want to keep on reading because every time you think you’re close to finding out the secret,

A new chapter begins altogether,

Her life was a struggle no one knew of,

It was a story like those late night movies at the theatre only few people watch,

It’s one heartbreak,

One story of a girl who learnt everything on her own,

Everything changed but she still remained the same,

Her eyes are full of memories of unsaid good byes and her words carry hurt that she never could give,

They carry the hurt she took,

The way she touches you is the way she was never felt,

The way she’d whisper in your ears,

Would make you want to run away with her,

Her favourite songs never play on the radio but she’d never complain,

She wears the same golden chain she was once gifted by a person who has turned to fading memories,

But she’d never let go,

Her castle has enough arrows and dead soldiers,

And she knows that it’s not worth another war.



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