Our song

Once upon a time, I remember it was summertime,

We were by the lake, I had my white dress on, the day ever so sublime,

We played hide and seek with the world, I don’t think that it’s wrong,

Whenever I heard your heart beating, I found rhythm for our song,

In your eyes I saw the clear blue sky,

Sneaking out with you every day, never questioning why,

Just two broken strings of a guitar, searching for a moment that would last a little long,

The sound of our footsteps as we danced in glee, gave me the rhythm for our song,

Me with my messed up hair, your wearing your torn out jeans,

We’re dancing in a modern snow globe, but our love is different than those written in magazines,

You drove away my fears, you helped me become strong,

The sound of you breathing when you first kissed me, gave me the rhythm for our song,

Late in the night talking slowly so that no one can hear,

You laughing at me for not being able to whisper,

And in that silence where we spoke nothing, I realised it was you all along,

With your hands on my waist and in that warm embrace, we danced to the rhythm of our song.



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