She found herself

She was screaming from inside but no one was listening,

Always had a smile on her face, everyone thought her life was glistening,

But the wings she had were clipped and hurt,

What could be done, she thought she would go unheard,

Magic happened one day when she sat under the starry sky,

She opened her notebook, blank pages, she let out a sigh,

The first time that the tip of her pen touched the rough page it was the beginning of something new,

For the first time someone was listening, she found a part of herself that she never knew,

Now the grass under the sky was her favourite place,

The blue colour of the sky was the ink in her pen, she had found grace,

The books held secrets that no human was worthy to know,

She wrote about her dreams, she wrote how writing helped her grow,

Now that she had found a place where she belonged,

She didn’t need friends anymore, her book she always had along,

The smile she had never faded away,

Her wings were spread, the stars helped her by leading the way.



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