You believe black is the colour of your sky

There’s a fine line you know,

Between wanting to hold on to something and letting go forever,

You feel betrayed but you still have hope that maybe things will change,

You sit in your room alone thinking that winter is beautiful,

But nothing helps because you feel cold within yourself,

Like someone or something has made your blood go cold,

But you still hold on to something,

You look for the sunshine everyday, peeping through your curtains,

You smile,

You laugh,

You try to love things that aren’t even your interests anymore,

All because you want to be happy,

Hours of looking in the mirror and seeing nothing but all your past mistakes,

Splashing water, over yourself, screaming,

Still trying to make things better by trying to find the piece you lost in the path of growing up,

You go on long drives, it makes you feel like there’s something more to your life than people who’ve left,

You think about yourself,

You feel like nothing is worth the pain you’re giving yourself,

You want to start everything all over again,

But the struggle of going through all of it again stops you,

You always have a little hint of happiness on your face,

When someone compliments you,

You laugh thinking how good you’ve become at deceit,

But you still love flowers,

You still talk to the moon,

You still call your best friend and help them through their problems,

You say you’re okay,

You feel okay,

But the feeling of being just okay kills you,

You are a person who is supposed to be great,

You’re supposed to be the sunshine to so many peoples lives,

But what do you do when your own life has come to a never ending eclipse is the question you ask yourself,

You don’t give up at anything,

Even if it counts to nothing,

You still live,

For yourself, most importantly,

And that’s what makes you a hero,

Because when everyone else gives up,

You’ve still held on to yourself,

And with time you’ll heal,

With time.



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