A musing for loneliness?

There’s a silence in the world but still a voice that echoes,

Hearts that beat but bodies that are scared to let go,

Winds that talk to you but words that still fall short,

I wonder why we try to forget, we see ships sail, sometimes we leave memories behind on the port,

There’s a sunrise for everyone but only few want to see the sunset,

We drive away, from people, from our old selves, something we often regret,

Why do we cry, why do we say our goodbyes?

We think that we’ve found true love but we don’t even look them in the eyes,

I ask my heart, why do you feel things that break you?

Why do you keep expecting things that are difficult to live up to?

But it says, every journey has an end, but the distance is what makes it worth,

It’s just an infinity of dead ends but we keep on moving forth,

We live, we love, we laugh, we cry,

But in the end when night comes we wonder why,

It all ended too soon,

And we wonder why souls fly away to the moon,



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