The scent of my childhood

It’s still fresh in my mind as I sit on the edge of growing up,

The smell of the grass in the playground where I played, when worries weren’t even half a cup,

The years where soiled clothes weren’t a worry and the only wounds I got were on my body,

When I smiled with my scanty teeth, and when I loved everybody,

Playing hopscotch and riding my bicycle within boundaries but still feeling free,

Making the stray cats my friends, climbing over my favourite tree,

Soaking wet in the rain during monsoon, not minding Mom’s anger,

Lazy afternoons and wishing that the evening would last a little longer,

Now, all of it seem distant memories, ice cream isn’t the same as on a hot summer afternoon,

I don’t wake up on the bed after falling asleep on the couch, I know I’m not being followed by the moon,

Story books of fairies and princesses have turned into a tale of never ending attacks from demons,

Happiness is just a metaphor now, there are not a lot of reasons,

To actually smile, because hate has been plastered to our hearts now,

But I’m still holding on the thin string of my childhood somehow,

Believing that that tooth fairy is real and that a Prince Charming will come,

The scent of my childhood is fading and life has become nothing but glum.



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