Types of lovers.. which one are you?

There are different kinds of lovers, each and every person in the world loves in a unique way, some express it so freely, they will make you feel like the most luckiest person in the world, they’ll take you to all your favourite places, every weekend just show up at your door with a bouquet of flowers, they’ll take you to long drives, kiss you in the sunset, nothing will ever seem wrong when you’re with them, their love is what they call hard to find, but hey, love is always hard to find isn’t it? They’ll get a tattoo of your name, take you to meet their family, because when they fall in love with you one things for sure, they make you a part of their family, they love with no regrets, and that’s the best thing about being able to express your love with all you have, because if it doesn’t last you at least gave it your best shot.

But then there are some people, like me who keep their love hidden in their diaries hoping for some modern day fairytale to come true. Our life is just selecting a particular individual and imagining all the possibilities that could happen if we ever ended up together. We are altogether a different kind. When we fall in love, oh, the world will come crumbling down with the power of our lack of control on ourselves. The person would show up in front of us and we would evaporate like water on the desert sand. The butterflies, the feeling in the intestines, the feeling of just throwing up and running away and living in the wonderland we created for ourselves in our head. Yeah, I’m talking about the lovers who get the unrequited kind of love, it’s always the most terrible one, that’s for sure, but hey, we do get our happy endings, it goes something like this: suddenly the person we love starts dating someone else and we just sit on the park bench mourning our loss and there it is, a total stranger walks up and love begins again in a coffee shop.

Then we have the ones who love in silence, they won’t freely express their love for you but it’s more like you need to find that love in the small things they do for you, like preparing your favourite breakfast, giving you your favourite book on your birthday. You must be thinking everyone does that for someone they love, yeah you’re right. But these people do only that, they can’t ever seem to do anything more than that to express their love, but that doesn’t mean their love is limited or minimal, it’s definitely not, they wanna give you happiness in the smallest things in life, the ones which we always seem to miss out and the ones we choose to ignore, the silent lovers will make you see all these things in such a different way, they’ll make you realise that love can be given by just offering your empty hand to someone just at the time when they need to hold it.

And love will walk into your life at the most unexpected moment. You could think that you’re not going to let your walls down, and boom the next moment you know is that there’s this stranger who you’ve let in and you don’t care how it ends, all you need right now is that feeling, and maybe that’s when you get the ending you needed. Don’t run after love, let it chase you. You’ll get something that is something I like to call the best thing to ever happen to you.

Well, no matter what kind of love you give, all that matters is you give someone a reason to smile, a reason to look outside the window and think ‘someone’s thinking about me right now,’ and you know the best part about it is that they know it’s you. Love is the best feeling in the world, yeah, some may like to disagree, but hey, think about it, when you have something in your life that makes you happy and you won’t ever let it go what do you say when asked about it? I’m sure the answer is ‘I love it’.


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