We’re kids who fell in love

A hot day of summer in May,

A walk to the closed library ended up becoming a memorable day,

Sitting on the edge of enchantment, wondering if it’s all worth it,

You threw in a little hint of suspicion, we played games, enjoyed every single bit,

You were an angelic full moon night, and I was just a morning star,

Soon enough, you were in the scribbles of my notebook and the tune to my guitar,

You sat in between the words I never could sought the courage to say,

Neatly wrapped up in a golden hue, with a smile that drove away all the blues that made me grey,

And we read chapters of each other, tracing each word carefully, understanding the pain,

Your hands fit perfectly in mine, my image enveloped safely within your eyes,

Where I saw numerous dreams, you said within mine you saw an everlasting sunrise,

Your warmth sits besides me whenever I feel alone, there’s a part of you always curing me,

And your whispers echo within my empty room, and your words find place within my poetry,

We’re just a step away from loosing our directions in this long car drive, we’d end up being Bonnie and Cylde,

But if I’d have the world chase me for a crime, I’d be glad to have you by my side.


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