I built a castle

I built a castle in the chambers of your heart,

Dancing to the tune of your heartbeat, along with magic and a little art,

On the walls I carved our conversations in cursive with a golden essence,

And from the windows you can see our love peeking through, the love of our adolescence,

There are chandeliers that illuminate the room like the a thousand moons in the sky,

But I left a million stars in the heavens for us to adore when under it we lie,

I built us a room, where a bonfire burns like the flame of the sun,

And we stay there wrapped in the embrace of love, just feeling the warmth never feeling the burn,

And there is a ballroom where our thoughts dance to the symphonies,

While we sit on the rooftop, reading each other, making our own melodies,

And there’s no one but us, my castle is like a house full of our memories,

I made myself a library full of books that talk about you and your life full of stories,

And everywhere you see is a picture of you in different hues of my imagination,

I built a castle but I found myself a home, decorated with a hint of temptation.



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