A better girl

She’ll be sitting on the swing reading a new book waiting for you,

She’ll smile as you walk towards her, her eyes reflecting the sun’s hue,

She’ll be the warm bonfire in the snow in January,

She’ll keep your roses alive in her flower vase in February,

I promise you one day she’ll be a better girl.

She’ll have a laughter enough to bring the party back to life,

She’ll sing the songs she once wrote, and dance without any strife,

She’ll turn your ashes into burning flames of fire,

She’ll bring her words back to life, and they dance to the rhymes of the choir,

I promise you, for now she’s broken but she’ll be a better girl,

She’ll learn to love herself, she’ll slay the dragons and save herself,

She’ll climb the mountains she made herself, she’ll be the queen of her bookshelf,

She’ll dream once again, of love, like a child who is unmindful of deceit,

She’ll be playful, merry and flawed but still complete,

I promise you, even though her nights are moonless now, she’ll be a better girl.


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